The Impact of Social Media Marketing Activities on Brand Equity and Customer Reaction of Garuda Indonesia’s Airline

Fitri Damaiansyah, Meriza Indah Putri, Aswanti Setyowati, Vica N. Harahap, Pintanugra Persadanta


Web-based social media is the fundamental target for customers to ensure that airline services are provided, the role of social media is very important for brand equity and customer response. The research aims to determine the impact of social media marketing activities and customer perception on Garuda Indonesia airlines. The method used is descriptive quantitative with multiple linear regression analysis. The sample is 100 Garuda Indonesia airline passengers with the CGK-DPS route at Soekarno-Hatta Airport. The results show that social media and marketing equity influence customer response on Garuda Indonesia airlines.


social media, customer reactions, brand awareness, repurchasing, word of mouth

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