Tankering Fuel Strategy in Garuda Indonesia Airline For Operational Cost Efficiency (Case Study: Route Cgk – Kno)

Padoli Lumban Tobing, Danendra Rifqi Prayoga, Charles AN, Danie Hayam Mada Chamsudi, M. Ashari Syafril


The challenge of politics in oil-producing countries of the Earth continuously volatile and will certainly have an impact on the country of the user or the consumer. The airline industry is one of the industries that use fuel, particularly in the airline industry, after price fluctuations avatar into a pretty serious threat, which will affect the operating costs that will be borne by the airline and prospective passengers. To reduce the impact of fluctuations in fuel prices, will certainly make avtur aviation industry vying to do different strategies in order to suppress the impact caused. In this research, we discuss strategies that you can use an aviation company and PT. Garuda Indonesia became our research materials which operate domestic routes, one of which is the CGK-KNO. For these routes the airline Garuda Indonesia aircraft B737-800. To save operating costs, one strategy that can be done is to implement the strategy of fuel tankering. This research proved that strategy tankering fuel can save operational costs in terms of fuel costs after. And those steps can help the airlines to survive in the competition the aviation industry, the price of avtur phenomenon, and the exchange rate of the rupiah against the dollar at the moment.


fuel price, fuel tankering, airline, sustainability, currency exchange

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.25292/atlr.v1i1.111


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