Service Innovation for Business Growth: Case Study of Thai and Indonesian Logistic Entrepreneurs

Juliater Simarmata, Marthaleina Ruminda, Suparwan Cecep Kosasih, Adisak Suvittawat


The aim of this study is to find the variables of service innovation for business growth variables which affect the business growth of Thai and Indonesia logistic entrepreneurs. The service innovation for business growth have been identified in 6 variables, customer satisfaction guarantee, service guarantee, service blueprint, pay by installment, product testing trial and additional service. This research finds that the customer satisfaction guarantee of Thai and Indonesian entrepreneurs whose mean is 4.42, 4.37 and S.D.=0.0.68, 0.65 respectively, service guarantee which mean is 4.29, 4.04 and S.D=0.67, 0.75, service blueprint which mean is 4.13, 4.26 and S.D=0.76,0.74, pay by installment which mean is 4.00, 4.11 and S.D=0.91, 1.12, product testing trial which mean 3.90, 3.30 and S.D=0.9, 1.21 and additional service which mean is 3.71, 4.07 and S.D=0.80,0.97. The service logistics providers need to improve their services since the competition is growing either internal or external players in the market. Service innovation, effects on direct and indirect business growth, helps the service logistics entrepreneurs gain competitive advantage and also gives the benefits to customers.


service innovation, business growth, logistics entrepreneurs

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