The Impact of Downtime Against Service Performance System Indonesia National Single Window (INSW)

Saraya Dwi Fitharti, Anneke Apriliani Megawati, Sita Anisah Sholihah, Doddy Himawan Triyasa, Aditya Nugroho


Trade facilitation is a simplification of trade transactions, transparency, and professionalism of customs and environmental arrangements as well as harmonization and standardization. Therefore trade facilitation has an important role in increasing global trade by expediting the movement, expenditure, and permits in and out of goods. Based on that, trade facilitation has a role in increasing economic matters. The Indonesian government's effort to increase logistics performance in trading across global (export-import), was in 2007 the Government built Indonesia National Single Window (INSW) to facilitate the export-import process. INSW is a national electronic system, which INSW portal serves as the gateway to the system for users will be able to submit clearance and licensing requests, monitor the process and obtain clearance/licences online. One of the risks of an online system is the breakdown system, whether it’s regular maintenance, emergency maintenance, etc.This condition will give a loss to business agents and export-import service providers. The purpose of this study is to identify the type of down system in INSW, the percentage of down system, and to evaluate effects of the down system in performance of INSW services, the study is conducted the quantitative and qualitative method. The data collection is obtained through interviews and questionnaires In the INSW system, there are 2 categories of downtime that occur in the INSW system, namely Unplanned Downtime and Schedule downtime that can affect INSW systems. In managing downtime insw using system backups and devices or Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC).


Trade facilitation, export-import process, internet-based system, breakdown system, indonesia national single window

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