Increasing Purchase Intention through Delivery and Brand Reputation in E-commerce

H T Sugiharto, S R Zein, Edhie Budi Setiawan, Lis Lesmini


One of the propellers of the entire online business activities is e-commerce products’ purchase intention among customers. The aim of this research was to figure out the effects of delivery and brand reputation on purchase intention in the e-commerce industry. The research was conducted through a path analysis, and the data were collected by disseminating questionnaires to 100 online shopper respondents. The results indicate that delivery exerted a significant effect on purchase intention in that the condition in which products were received became a considerable concern to customers. A significant positive effect was also exerted by brand reputation on purchase intention in that products of well-known brands captured the most attention of e-commerce customers. Brand reputation was able to mediate the effect of delivery on purchase intention.


purchase intention, delivery, brand reputation, e-commerce

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