Optimization Green Logistics To Build Efficiency and Environmental Friendly

Zhahra Novia Puspitasari, Fauzan Wicaksono, Lira Agusinta, Reni Dian Octaviani, Gena Bijaksana


Economic growth raise the consumption of items in large quantities. At the same time there is activity of production and transportation causes problems to the environment. Environmental problems affecting many logistical decisions throughout the value chain. Global warming created by gas from vehicles is our main problem in the environment, and the problem of waste paper which until now has not been handled properly. Because of this the government and some of companies start to adjust Green Logistics. Therefore Green Logistics is important in influencing the environmental impact of every organization involved in supply chain and the most important green logistics can contribute to continuous performance improvement. Not only  environmentally friendly green logistics also identify environmental aspects and cost. We are discuss about contribution for Green Logistics involving environment in Indonesia.


green logistics, transportation, waste paper, global warming

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.25292/atlr.v2i0.150


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