Anticipating the Entry of Industry 5.0 in Transportation Sector

Mahardhika Ishlah Majid, Cattleya Khansa Darmawan, Suharto Abdul Majid, Yuda Yulianto


The paper is organized so that readers can find out how much important for anticipating the entry of fifth industrial era that we provide based on observations from various sources. This paper set up by the compiler with various obstacles. Whether it came from self-constituent or who come out from outside.The research method of this research is using Future Log method and discuss with the experts about upcoming era, this research discuss about future that has not implemented yet. By experimenting and Imaging of any sector, combine by Document analysis, Interviews, and Qualitative research. Industry 5.0 is focused on interaction between humans and machines. While we’re already starting to see this as humans work alongside machines and are connected to smart manufacturing plants via devices, the fifth Industrial Revolution is likely to continue the push toward more advanced human-machine interfaces. This will mean improved integration, allowing faster, better automation paired with the power of human brains. The authors draw attention and need support from all parties who prepare about the incoming of fifth industrial era.


industry 5.0, transportation, technology

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