Safety Program Evaluation at PT GMF AERO ASIA to Support Safety Management System in The Maintenance Process

Andhika Dwi Anugerah Ramadhan, NA Fachri, Charles AN, Dinar Dewi Kania, P Persadanta


The aircraft maintenance aspect plays an important role in the aviation industry in maintaining the quality of service and security of commercial aircraft in terms of safety. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety program at PT. GMF Aero Asia in supporting the safety management system (SMS) in the Maintenance process. This study uses descriptive-qualitative method with an instrument for collecting data through observation using a questionnaire via google form and interviews via online. SMS can be said to be going well if the company has made several factors supporting its implementation in the achievement process. One of them is by creating safety programs. Programs that are created and socialization carried out can already enable employees to identify hazards themselves, and report with facilities provided by the company. The results of our research, overall PT GMFAA has run a good safety program in supporting the SMS in its maintenance process. Thus the Safety Management System that has been implemented can run well and also help smooth work, company progress and also the image of the company PT GMFAA but needed some improvements.


evaluation, safety program, safety management system

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