Analysis of Dominant Factor on The Effects of Shipping Accidents Bassed on National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) Investigation

Rizky Dwi Putra, FN Rahmasari, Sjahrial Nasution, Berlian Badarusman, MR Affiat


Sea Transportation technically cannot be separated from safety factors. In this case, cruise safety system is the key factor that should always be a concern. There are a few things that need to be fulfilled to make sure the safety of the cruise, so it can be considered as seaworthy and get permission to sail with the published of cruise agreement letter by the local harbormaster. Ship is one of contents in National Cruise Safety Reference in Indonesia which it is stated on Constitution number 17, 2008 about cruising. Graphic shows that sea accident over the year is increasing with a disserve impact. The main purpose of this research is to find out the most dominated cruise accident case based on National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) investigation in Jakarta. The burnt ship is being the major concern in this case. Based on the report of National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC), several cases that cause the ship accident, like: human error, technical factor, and load factor. The conclusion of this paper is to identify which dominant factor that can be the cause of ship accident, and also the efforts to minimize the fire accident to happen.


sea transportation, accidents, fire, cruise safety

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