Quality Analysis of Human Resources and Agency Services for Domestic Ship at PT PELNI (Persero) Tanjung Priok Branch

Bayya Ziqra, MK Duan, G Wibisono, Sugiyanto Sugiyanto


PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) is a national shipping company that provides sea transportation services, in the form of passenger, goods, and animal transportation services between islands and has a strategic business unit of ship agency. The study aims to analyze the Human Resources quality of domestic ship agency at PT PELNI (Persero) Tanjung Priok Branch by using descriptive methods and quantitative descriptive analysis techniques and reliable questionnaires. Based on the results of the data research, on variable X about the Human Resources quality of PT PELNI (Persero) Tanjung Priok Branch, a percentage of 53% answered that they are doubt, while on variable Y about the Agency Services to ship agency customers get a result of 30% answers agree. Thus, it can be concluded that the Human Resources quality affects the domestic ship agency services at PT Pelni (Persero) Tanjung Priok Branch. The service quality performance of PT PELNI (Persero) Tanjung Priok Branch decreased due to the lack of expertise by the employees who served it. To improve the quality of agency, the company need to pay attention to things such as: Training aimed at improving knowledge; skills and attitude; good communication coordination between coworkers, superiors, subordinates and customers; clarity of job description; service speed of agency as well as the accuracy of reports management; and increasing of marketing network.


human resources quality, agency service, domestic ship

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.25292/atlr.v2i0.166


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