Kertajati International Airport’s Potential To Develop Aerotropolis at Majalengka

Muhammad Sandi Erlangga, DF Muhammad, Alit Sodikin, D Perawati, S Ariyaka


West Java is the province with the largest population and the largest industrial center in Indonesia, but the West Java PDRB is not in the Top Level especially the smallest PDRB in Majalengka in West Java and business inlets and outlets not in West Java due to the absence of adequate airports or seaports for the industry. The purpose of this research is to develop Kertajati Airport and apply the Aerotropolis Concept in West Java and the cities in it to be integrated, especially Majalengka to be a focused Wheel of Economy at Kertajati Airport which has the potential to improve Economy and Industry in West Java. The method applied in this study is Qualitative, with a Case Study Model. Where the approach uses direct interviews in depth. Journals and Articles are reviewed as references for this study. The results of this study are that PT BIJB continues to run the Aerocity Concept until Finished, after the completion of Aerocity, PT BIJB will focus development towards the Aerotropolis Concept. Because West Java has the potential to develop Aerotropolis which has been planned by the Government of West Java in the REBANA Triangle (Cirebon, BIJB, Patimban). With the concept of Aerotropolis Industry and Economy, West Java can increase rapidly due to manufacturing, e-commerce, telecommunications and logistics industries, hotels, retail outlets, entertainment and exhibition centers, and office space for business people who often travel or are involved in global trade integrated with Kertajati Airport, also features a wholesale trade center and integrated transportation facilities.


west java, aiport, aerocity, aerotropolis

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