The Effect of Passenger Knowledge on Flight Safety

Nabila Maharani, Muhammad Rifky Cahya Saputra, Reni Dian Octaviani, Arief Hernawan, Rohana Sitanggang


This paper examines the effect of passenger knowledge in limiting liquid objects, namely Drinking Water to cabin baggage. Based on security factors issued by ICAO, liquid in the form of liquid, aerosol, gel (LAG) has its own limitations and rules. Security recommendations issued by ICAO to be aware of acts of terrorism that often use liquid objects as a medium / media in carrying out acts of terror. Therefore to bring it to the cabin, Drinking Water or liquid has a capacity limit requirement that all aircraft passengers must obey from the current risk of aviation safety. The passenger survey was conducted. The purpose of this study is to find out how much the level of knowledge of passengers about the capacity limit in carrying Mineral Water. Because there are still few passengers who are aware of the regulations regarding restrictions on Mineral Water in Aircraft Cabin. We recommend flight safety seminars in passenger knowledge about aircraft cabin baggage regulations. This study was analyzed using semi-quantitative methods that focus only on Liquid in Mineral Water or liquid body capacity limits that affect flight safety.


passenger knowledge, liquid, cabin safety, LAG

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