Analyzing Connectivity Level of Cargo Aviation To Eastern Indonesia Sector

Faiz Rachman Fauzan, Fathia Novfrida, Ahmad Hamdi, Wynd Rizaldy, Siti Krisnawati


Transportation and logistics is two things that are related to each other in the efficiency of the distribution process the goods. The percentage offload at 16 % to eastern Indonesia shows that the efficiency of distribution to the region is still not better than the other parts of Indonesia. This research aims to identify the effects of the availability of the plane, and total volume of the shipment on the connectivity freight a cargo measured by offload goods from Jakarta to eastern Indonesia (Makassar, Ambon, Manado, Sorong, Timika, dan Jayapura) by using the method of panel regression. This research uses daily data from January to March 2019 with a sample of 540. The result showed that is effected, between variables availability of the plane and volume of a shipment on level the connectivity freight a cargo to eastern Indonesia.


connectivity, offload cargo, flight availibity, volume shipment

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