RFID Usage for Optimization Tire Control System

Achmad Donny, Azaria Mahsa Fitri, Doddy Himawan Triyasa, Tambor Harkingto Pangaribuan


In transportation companies require to pay attention to assets that are owned in order to maintain efficiency in the activities of its usage and able to optimize expenditure/cost. One of these assets is  a  truck. In the  world of transportation, the  most faced obstacle is the embezzlement of truck tires. Embezzlement that is often done by truck drivers is exchanging new tires or tires that are still in good condition (70%) with used tires or tires that are in 30% condition (already worn out) in order to obtain additional income. This study aims to reduce truck tire embezzlement carried out by truck drivers. This research uses quantitative methods. Data were obtained from the assessment of trucking companies by giving a questionnaire to the company. By knowing the problems that exist in trucking companies, such as the loss of truck tires. This research can provide solutions to existing problems by implementing RFID information technology in companies. The result of the study are the use of RFID information technology needs to be applied in controlling the assets of truck tires.


asset management, RFID, tire management system, tire control system

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.25292/atlr.v2i0.189


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