The Effect of Interpersonal Communication and Emergency Response Training on Organizational Commitments and Its Impact on Safety Performance on The Tanker Ship

Veby Senopati Silam, David Arosochi Lasse, Husni Hasan


This study aims to obtain an overview of organizational commitment and its impact on safety performance on tankers through interpersonal communication and emergency response training on PT. Scorpa Pranedya in 2018. The research method used is quantitative research with explanative or causal designs. Data collection techniques include primary and secondary data in which the primary data is carried out by distributing questionnaires directly, namely by giving written statements to respondents. Furthermore, the data analysis method used in this study is to use multiple linear regression models with the help of SPSS version 24.00. The results showed that interpersonal communication, emergency response training and organizational commitment partially or simultaneously had a significant positive effect on safety performance on the tanker PT. Scorpa Pranedya in 2018.


interpersonal communication, emergency response training, organizational commitment, safety performance.

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