Benchmarking Of Malaysia Certified Halal Warehouse to Implement Certified Halal Warehouse in Indonesia

Ira Fazira, Diani Harras Aviastuti, Raden Didiet Rachmat Hidayat, Siska Amonalisa, Berlian Badarusman


Recently, Halal Logistics is developing due to the social needs of a number Muslim-majority countries and becoming important to the community of Muslim. So many developed countries (even for non-Muslim countries) are aware of halal & tayyib goods/services. According to Islamic law, Halal standard must be applied for the products from the begining of production process until they are ready to consume. In Indonesia, especially in the logistic field, there is only one Halal Warehouse that is PT. Multi Terminal Indonesia Halal Logistic & Cold Storage (MTI). The Halal Logistics guarantee is very important, particularly in the field of Halal assurance. It is to ensure that the  products/services have acquired Halal integrity that will become the brand equity of Halal products. Unfortunately, there is still a lack of standardization and certification for Halal Logistics in Indonesia. One of the Islamic countries that becomes the benchmark of Halal Logistics is Malaysia whose certification is recognized by the world and has become the international standard. This research was conducted using the qualitative method, by conducting a semi-structural interview, in-depth interview, focus group discussion and obtaining secondary data and conducting field observation. The result shows that Indonesia should have Malaysia as a benchmark of the Halal sector, especially in the field of the Halal Logistics system for the guarantee of Halal standard in 2019. It  needs a lot of research to make it happen.


benchmarking,;halal assurance; halal logistics; halal warehouse; standardization

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