The Influence of Quality of Service, Transportation’s Safety and Security, and Ticket’s Price Purchase Decision PT Pelni Route Jakarta - Batam (Research in 2017)

Romadhoni Romadhoni, Asep Suparman, Husni Hasan


The decreasing number of passengers aboard PT.PELNI Jakarta-Batam route resulted in decreased income. This study aims to determine and analyze the influence of service quality, transportation’s safety and security, and ticket price purchase decision PT.PELNI Jakarta - Batam route. This study usedquantitative method from samples of 109 respondents. Data were collected in the form of questionnaires with Likert scale model that has been tested. The research used path analysis technique, descriptive statistic, and SMART. The results concludes that all tested variables have  positive influence on PT PELNI Jakarta – Batam route ticket purchase decisions (Y). The percentage of service quality (X1) effect is 0,1%, transportation’s safety and security (X2) effect is 9,06%, and the price influence (X3) is 19,01%. Simultaneously, all tested variables have a positive and significant influence on PT PELNI ticket purchase decisions Jakarta-Batam route with 40,30%. The remaining 59,70% comes from other factors. Questionnaire results on the Likert scale show all variables in good category with a value above 4. Affordable ticket prices in accordance with quality, have competitiveness and in accordance with the customer’s benefits, ticket purchase decisions due to need, looking for information about PT PELNI, and PT PELNI ship ticket purchase decisions repeatedly.


Price; Purchase Decision; Transportation Safety and Security; Service Quality

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