The Impact of The Ship’s Seaworthness on Marine Safety Through Mediation of Navigation Aids (A Survey to The Property Vessels of PT. Pelni and PT Spil, Tanjung Priok Port on 2018)

Djumadi Prasetyo, H.M. Thamrin, Adenan Suhalis, Francis Tantri


This research was conducted in the Port of Tanjung Priok, especially on vessels owned by PT Pelni and PT Spil using quantitative methods, with a total of 40 research samples taken. The data was collected through instruments in the form of statement sheets with Likert scale models that have been tested. This study uses technical linear regression analysis, normality and path analysis. The results of the study concluded that there is a significant positive influence on the ship's feasibility impact on shipping safety through mediation of navigation aids. The results of the research hypotheses where there is a significant positive influence on the ship's worthiness for shipping safety is 0.444; While the influence on navigation aids on shipping safety is 0.355. The influence on the ship's feasibility on the navigation aid facilities is 0.553; Moreover, the shipping safety through the means of navigation aids is 0.167.


Seaworthiness; Aids and Marine Safety.

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