Collaborative Relationships Development Process in Halal Supply Chain – A Case Study

Hasbullah Othman, Nasruddin Faiso, Anis Sazira Bakri, Jasmee Jaafar


The purpose of this paper is to examine the collaborative relationships development process in halal supply chain in Malaysia; of which the development process itself has received less attention from researchers.  Numerous studies done concerning to the topic,  whilst the Halal supply chain researchers hardly discuss on the collaborative relationship issues. The research methodology employed in this research was qualitative approach via semi-structured interviews with respondents from personnel of five halal food providers throughout Malaysia, of which having bread as their products. The result of this study indicates the existence of stages theory in collaborative inter-organisational relationships development process of Halal supply chain; with an element of Muslim-supplier that is exclusively for Halal supply chain.


Collaborative Relationships;Halal Supply Chain;Collaborative Relationships Development Process

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