Awareness of Green Highway Concept and Terminology: A Perspective of On-Site Personnel in Malaysian Highway Construction Industry

Fatin Najwa Mohd Nusa, Shahrin Nasir, Intan Rohani Endut


The commitment to manage vast construction of highway projects has driven to the green highway concept development. This paper aims to identify the awareness of the green highway concept by prevailing common terminology of green highway among highway project stakeholders. A preliminary study was conducted with on-site personnel from highway concessions and highway authority in Malaysia. Results show that (55.6%) of respondents were aware about the green highway concept and terminology. Whereas, five aspects of green highway terminologies namely; (1) conservation and ecosystem management, (2) life cycle energy and emission reduction, (3) recycle, reuse, and recycle, (4) watershed driven storm water management, and (5) overall societal benefits were identified as common understandings among the stakeholders. This paper also suggests some rating tools for the green highway for the government and departments of highway project construction to take appropriate measures in ensuring a comprehensive implementation of green activities for highway projects.


Green highway, Green awareness, Common terminology, Green Concept

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