Modelling Halal Supply Chain: Strategy For Industrial Parks in Malaysia

Nur Faizah Binti Mat Zain, Harlina Suzana Jaafar, Irwan Bin Ibrahim


All the supply chain network process either food or non-food need to comply with the Shariah principles including in the stage of storage management, handling of raw materials, procurement, and transportation. The purpose of this article is to interpretation the issues encountered on halal parks in Malaysia and discuss a model of how halal parks in particular needed to respond to indorse their practices are conducted in a good way. The data collected based on interviews (preliminary data) and secondary data from academic journal articles, online magazines and websites based on selected keywords. The study would like to contribute to the body of knowledge of halal logistics operation areas as well as for the future studies. The results were also validated to be genuinely discussed for the aids and future practices of halal in their operations in thoughtful the halalness concept. The study sheds light into the model of halal logistics practices and the boundaries of halal parks.


Supply Chain, Halal Logistics, Halal Supply Chain Model

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