An Overview of Consruction Logistics: Main Issues and Factors That Influence Its Efficency

Mohd. Faiz Aini, Nasruddin Faisol, Norfashiha Hashim, Shahrin Nasir


Improving logistics management in construction project is becoming more challenging as the construction industry is getting more complex than what we have had then. However, the construction industry is left behind as compared to other industry such as manufacturing and retail industry. The logistics issues in construction project have hindered its performance thus the construction project goals (time, cost, and quality) cannot be achieved. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the logistics issues that occur in a construction project. An overview of construction logistics is being presented in the paper followed by defining of construction logistics. After that, the factors contributing to efficient of construction logistics are presented in this paper. Four academic databases namely Google Scholar, Science Direct, Emerald Insight and Elsevier were used to collect literatures. The literatures were explored in-depth to come up with write-up. Twenty (20) numbers of research papers were used to explore the logistics issues and factors that influence its efficiency in construction project. At the end, the factors that have been discovered in these papers are used to come up with conceptual framework.


Construction; Logistics; Efficiency

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