Analysis of The Causes of Train Accidents to Support Railway Safety

Putri Krisma, Tria Wulandari, Masjraul Hidayat, Sekar Widyastuti Pratiwi, Gendoet Indarto Wibisono


The aim of railway safety is to reach the highest safety standard, which is zero tolerance to all possible risks. But in reality, there are lots of inevitable accidents and disturbance. There for this research’s aim is to find out railway accident cases and to determine the main factor of such accidents, especially on railway operational area with the most occurring accident which are investigated by KNTK in Jakarta. This research is using descriptive explorative method with the help of secondary data which obtained from Railway Company in Jakarta and also from research literature. This research is focus on derailment. to find out the cause of the highest train accident by using root cause analysis data and interview with KNKT (National Transportation Safety Committee) investigator in Jakarta. Research shows that there are some main factors on railway accidents, which are facility, infrastructure and human resource. From the research also shows that human resource is the main cause of railway accident. The factors are inspection personnel, also facility and infrastructure maintenance personnel who are incompetence and unprofessional with their job.


railway accident, safety, derailment, KNKT

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