The Importance of Ferry Ro-Ro Transportation in Indonesia and Its Contrary to The Lack of Attention on Ferry Ro-Ro Safety, Which Cause High Rate of Accidents and Fatalities

Kemal Heryandri


Ferry Ro-Ro Transportation in Indonesia is very strategic and important considering that Indonesia is the archipelagic country and being the largest archipelago country in the world with 17,500 islands, transportation is playing a significance role to connect people and to move goods from one island to another island. Thus there are two important transportation modes in Indonesia, namely air transportation and sea transportation. Since a long time ago, traditionally sea transportation has become a dominant transportation in Indonesia, connecting people and goods among islands, which is producing an improved logistic chain. Ferry ro-ro transportation become popular transportation in Indonesia, because of its nature, ferry  ro-ro transportation could transport goods in door to door service. In contrary, the frequent use of ferry ro-ro transportation is not in line with the attention of ferry ro-ro safety itself. The intent of this paper is giving the facts that ferry ro-ro is an important transportation in Indonesia, in contrary there is no concern about ferry safety, and as a result, ferry ro-ro accident in Indonesia has the high rate and high fatalities. Therefore, promoting ferry ro-ro transportation safety and overcoming problems in ferry ro-ro safety are very important. Ferry Ro-Ro transportation community stakeholders should be aware of the condition and pay an attention on safety measures of ferry ro-ro transportation since its function  become the backbone of interisland transportation in Indonesia.  This paper compiles information on 30 major accidents in Indonesia that occurred within 13 years between 2006 and 2018. It review and discussed mainly focused on the major type and cause of accidents. The conclusion of this paper is trying to identify how to overcome the major cause, and giving the recommendations on how to upgrade and maintain ferry ro-ro safety ship borne and shore based view.


Ferry Ro-Ro; Ferry Ro-Pax; accidents; safety; fatalities; islands; transportation; passengers; vehicles

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