To Study The Effect on Expansion of Kuantan Port Consortium (KPC) In Term of Social According to Public Perception

Abu Nawas K, Ahmad M.S


Maritime activities normally are associated with port which involving shipment between ports at all over the world. The rise of number of shipment indicate economic growth and high demand of worker.. However, port activities will influence social activities within the state. The expansion of Kuantan Port Consortium (KPC) is one big project between Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park (MCKIP). The problem in this study will focus on the social effect to immigrant, local activities and education on Kuantan area and collected the data according to public perception. Therefore, the objective of research is to study the effect on expansion of Kuantan Port Consortium (KPC) in term of social, to identify the public perception on the effect expansion of Kuantan Port Consortium (KPC) in term of social and to identify the whether expansion of KPC lead to the positive or negative in term of social according to public perception. A quantitative methodology that incorporates primary data such as questionnaire is used to analyze the public perception on the effect of expansion of KPC in term of social. The general outcome show the nullification of hypothesis that means the expansion of KPC will give negative effect to social at Kuantan area.



Expansion of Port; Social Effect; Immigrant; Public Perception.

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