Work Motivation Assessment Of Conventional Ojek And Online Ojek In Jakarta City Through Ahp Method

Sonya Sidjabat


In this current digital era, there is an increasingly dominant role of the use of information technology for public. By using software application from the technology, each individual enables to conduct world network business transactions by using laptop, computer pc, tablet or android handphone.Thus, this may lead to increase the competition of business including any businesses engaging in the field of transportation. Driver as one of the important elements in the implementation of this transportation business aims to help the public in accelerating their works through information technology. So, the public prefers to use transportation service by using software application by the technology. This research was conducted in Jakarta   as the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia as well as the center of office, center of industry and trade both in local and international levels. Data from this research used primary data from the questionnaires in random with explanatory theory.The research results indicate that one's preference to work as online ojek and conventional ojek is to meetphysiological needs as the main component and it is also followed by other factors for conventional ojek drivers namelyaffiliation or temporarily acceptance needs;for online ojek drivers, it is not only for physiological needs, there is also another factor namely safety or security needs.



Work Motivation; AHP

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