Collaborative Super-Network Equilibrium Model and Algorithm Solution for Complex Equipment Development

Zhao Huanhuan


In order to effectively maintain the relationship between the main manufacturer and the first-tier supplier, each party should promote the collaborative development of complex equipment, and utilize the ideas and methods of the super-network. This paper at first discusses the social network, coordination network, and cooperation network that influence and interact with each other. Then, this study consider taking the social relationship level, coordination degree, and cooperation level of the super-network jointly developed by the main manufacturer and supplier.Three decision variables establish multi-objective optimal decision model which is based on the different preference such as maximum relationship value, the lowest coordination cost, the minimum coordination risk, the largest cooperation benefit, and the minimum cooperation risk. Next, this study constructs a super-network equilibrium model of complex equipment to collaborative research, useing  inequality variation to solve the complex equipment development on super-network equilibrium. Finally, the model is verified to check on the validity and rationality of the model by case study.


collaborative development; coordination mechanism; super-network; cooperation level; variational inequality

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