An Analysis Of Passenger Satisfaction Against Km Kelud Services With Route Tanjung Priok – Batam

Mewah Inayah, Peny Utari, Berlian Badarusman, Yolla Ayutia, Honny Fiva Sembiring


Demand for sea transportation service is increasingly higher and becoming one crutial issue to overcome. For this reason, a fleet of ships is needed that optimally supports the needs of the community. Especially in case of providing quality services to passengers which is the main key to getting passenger loyalty. This study aims to analyze and identify the level of passenger satisfaction with the services offered by KM Kelud as role model ship owned by PT.PELNI (Pelayaran Nasional) with service quality dimension, consisting of reliability, tangibility , responsiveness, assurance, and empathy.  The method used is quantitative descriptive by conducting direct observation and random sampling techniques by giving questionnaires to 100 respondents as samples. The data obtained were analysed with Cartesius diagram. The chart can be used to analyze and identify customer service and satisfaction with the quality of KM Kelud services.


Customer Satisfaction, Customer Service, KM. Kelud, Service Quality Dimensions

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