Is It Worth Replacing B 737-800 NG with B 737 Max 8?

Ayank Gailagista, Zakia Rahma, Charles AN, Asep Suparman, Novembriani Irenita


The currency exchange rate, fuel cost, regulation, etc. have an impact upon the aircraft operating cost since every aircraft has different performances and capabilities. The aircraft operating cost determines the price quotations that will offered to the customers. Thus, the right airfcraft selection is a fundamental aspect, because it leads to airline’s profit and loss and will determine the sustainability of the airline. If the Total Operating Cost (TOC) of the aircraft is high, then the price offered to the passengers will be higher comparied to the competitors, and it leads the company to be not competitive. This study concerned to the aircraft cost structure, implemented analysis method which compare the TOC of the B737 MAX 8 and B737-800 NG based on the calculation of aircraft characteristics and aircraft utilization.


Aircraft Planning; Aircraft Utilization; Aircraft Selection; Total Operating Cost; Competitiveness; Sustainability

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