Strategy of Logistics To Improve Halal Food Industry in Middle East

Adhitya Cesar Yudhistira, Irvan Fajar Nugroho, Basri Fahriza, Romi Vernado Kudato, Prima Widiyanto


In modern era there is a changing of human needs for food, that will can make the business in halal food industry become interesting and increase significantly, especially in Middle East. The aim of this study is to improve business strategies the halal food industry of   Indonesia in Middle East. This research was conducted in using SWOT Analysis, Internal Factors Analysis Summary, External Factors Analysis Summary, and creating SWOT Matrix to determined problem. The results conducted in the context of the right management strategy that can be used to improving Indonesia food Industry whose the decisions of the strategy might impact the logistics food industry of Indonesia.


strategy of logistics, halal food industry, SWOT analysis

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