Air Tariff Strategy of Air Asia Indonesia Airlines

Sandra M Puspitasari, LD Pertiwi, Oce Prasetya, Imam Ozali


Airfares are essentially set by the Government and apply to all airlines. As the decree of the Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia number KM 72 the year 2019 about passenger limit tariff on economy class service in Indonesian airline. Thus, the background of this writing is the business competition between the airline companies in Indonesia, so it affects the tariff strategy policy on airline Air Asia Indonesia. The purpose of this writing is to know the price management strategy set by Air Asia Indonesia by referring to Regulation KM 72 the year 2019. This writing uses qualitative methods that adhere to data and information obtained from the field by observation. The result of this writing is Air Asia Indonesia's flight fare strategy.


tariff, marketing, management strategy

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