An Evaluation of Airspace Congestion: A Case of Peninsular Malaysia

Zailani Mohd Zaid, Nurullaila Nijahah Amran, Tajul Anuwar Ismail, Nurhayati Mohd Nur


Airspace may look like a vast and limitless area. However, without proper airspace management, the airspace can be congested and saturated, and future air traffic movements will be affected. This paper seeks to understand the airspace congestion level in Peninsular Malaysia. There is no known research published to evaluate the airspace congestion and the structure of Kuala Lumpur Flight Information Region (KLFIR). In this paper, the structure of Malaysian airspace by looking into the categorisation of the airspace and aircraft separation standards, the flight movements and the effects of airspace congestion are being investigated. Data are collected through observation at the Air Traffic Control Centre of KLFIR and unstructured interviews with the Air Traffic Controllers. Based on the sectoral analysis of the data, it is found that Sector 2 of KLFIR is the busiest sector and recommends for the restructuring of the flight information region of Peninsular Malaysia for efficient air traffic management and to cater for future air traffic growth.


airspace, kuala lumpur flight information region, air traffic control centre

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