Impact of Service quality, On time performance and Customer satisfaction with Lion Air's image

R Nurpiyanti, K Rizqiana, D Apriyadi, Muhammad Iqbal Firdaus, Yuliantini Yuliantini


Every time a company provides services, it opens an opportunity for the company to build up its image. An airline’s image could measure the weaknesses and strengths of the airline itself so that it could maintain the passenger’s perceptions of the airline. The purpose of this study is to explain on how the supporting factors of service quality, on time performances and customer satisfactions in Lion Air can be a determining factor for the creation of an airline’s image and whether these factors are also interconnected to create an airline image, in this case. This study uses a quantitative approach with the primary data collected through distribution of questionnaires to 59 Lion Air passengers. A regression analysis is conducted to test the hypothesis of the study. The results show that 1) service quality has a significant effect on airline image 2) on time performance has a significant effect on airline image 3) customer satisfaction has a significant effect on airline image 4) service quality, on time performance and customer satisfaction simultaneously have a significant effect on airline image.

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