Muhammad Erlangga Jamhari, Fitria Wulan Azijah Harahap, Darmawan Apriyadi, Indriyati Indriyati


As we already know, transportation in Indonesia has been growing rapidly and increasing technologically so that people can shorten the time on the trip to carry out activities at their destination. For example, the construction of Jakarta MRT. As a transportation service, MRT is obliged to provide the best service and facilities for its customers including the timeliness of train arrival. Customers satisfaction is very important to trigger customer loyalty so that customers become loyal and satisfied with the service provided. This research purposed to find out the effect of operational timeliness and customer loyalty on Jakarta MRT performance system. The type of research used in this study was quantitative by using data taken from respondents through a questionnaire that was distributed to MRT Jakarta users and obtained a sample of 41 respondents. The result of validity test of each variable is declared valid


Operational Timeliness, Customer Loyalty, MRT Jakarta System Performance

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