The Effect of Cargo Personnel Work Safety on the Performance of Loading-Unloading Activities

Wisnu Legowo, M Farras Gifran H, Rehani Fitriana, Otto Sugiarto Prakoso


The existence of a new Charlie apron, a part of the airside area, should be necessary to improve the supervision, personnel’s knowledge, its security and other supporting facilities as an effort to work safety for all personnel at the Cargo Terminal. This study aims to determine the level of work safety, to know how important PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment) for cargo personnel, to determine the performance of personnel in loading-unloading activities, and to determine the effect of loading-unloading activities at the Cargo Terminal Juanda International Airport Surabaya to work safety. The method used in this study was a quantitative method. Data were obtained from spreading the questionnaires. The population of this study were the cargo, service users, and cargo management sections with the total of 100 persons in the cargo section of Juanda International Airport, Surabaya. The sampling technique used in this study was random sampling. The number of samples were 49 persons. The data were analyzed by using index analysis and simple linear regression analysis.(Maemunah et al. 2022). The results of this study based on the results of index analysis, show that; 1. the level of work safety of cargo personnel at the Surabaya Juanda International Airport cargo terminal is 67.91%; 2. the performance of cargo personnel in loading-unloading activities at the Surabaya Juanda International Airport cargo terminal is 75.62%; and the results of hypothesis testing show that the level of work safety of cargo personnel significantly influences loading-unloading activities at the cargo terminal Juanda International Airport Surabaya.


Cargo Personnel Safety, PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment), Loading Unloading Activities, Juanda International Airport.

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