Osvaldo Osvaldo, Anggi Anggraini, Charles An, Imam Ozali


The aviation industry has been experiencing a difficult situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic since 2019. The number of domestic passengers has decreased significantly due to policies limiting people's mobility, such as social distancing, lockdown, and working from home. One of the national airlines affected is Garuda Indonesia, which requires Garuda Indonesia to reduce the number of fleets. This study aims to analyze the solutions Garuda Indonesia may take in facing the increasing number of domestic passengers. The method used is exploratory descriptive with a qualitative approach.  The data used in this study include; Number of Fleets, Fleet Utilization, Load Factor, and Number of Passengers carried by Garuda Indonesia. The result of the study is the correlation between the fleet number and fleet utilization to the frequency of flights in Garuda Indonesia.


Garuda Indonesia, Domestic, Fleet, Passengers, COVID-19

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