Rifdah Ramadhania Sinovgi Pritama, Nadia Anasytasya, Devi Marlita, Esti Liana


Sicepat is a Logistics Company that provides goods delivery services and transportation services. Sicepat is a shipping company that was founded in 2014. This freight forwarding company claims that the delivery of goods will arrive quickly. Based on the latest technology system, Sicepat provides a fairly good quality of service in terms of delivering goods.. Sicepat is included in the excellent category and the level of consumer loyalty is included in the good category. Sicepat has the largest branches and outlets in all cities in Indonesia.  The main problem of the research discussed in this journal is how the quality of Sicepat's services to customers in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic. This study aims to determine the increase in satisfaction with customers who use sicepat services and to find out that Sicepat has carried out the claims made by the company. This study was designed using quantitative descriptive methods and SWOT analysis, data collection was carried out by distributing questionnaires to respondents and the data obtained from the questionnaire were 167 respondents, then the data was processed and then tested with statistics using spss. The results of this study show that currently, Sicepat is an Expedition company with the delivery of goods on time, quickly, and by the claims made by the company. Sicepat realizes how important the right marketing strategy is to retain consumers. The quality of service is a consideration for consumers to make decisions about using the company's services. Sicepat also maintains the company's image in the eyes of the public to increase customer satisfaction and quality delivery in the territory of Indonesia.


Service, Expedition, Customer

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