Mohammad Fadly V’delon Syam, La Ode Muhammad Izrullah Ismi, Siti Maemunah, Alit Sodikin


Studies related to the influence of customer experience on customer satisfaction have an impact on customer loyalty. Satisfied customers create customer loyalty. Facilities in the form of physical equipment offered by the airport make consumers satisfied and give birth to loyalty. The airport meets consumer expectations in quality, facilities create customer satisfaction and loyalty. The methodology of this writing is quantitative, distributing questionnaires to 100 airport customers (PNS/private employees/students/entrepreneurs). SEM - SmartPLS Version : 3.0. The findings of this study are that the variable quality of service and facilities carried out does not affect the variable of customer loyalty. However, there are also several variables that influence, namely customer experience and customer satisfaction with customer loyalty. Variables of customer experience and customer satisfaction affect customer loyalty. This novelty provides new insights into improving the quality of airport services and facilities. Further research is recommended to adopt innovative and intelligent airport technology.


customer experience, service quality, facilities, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty

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