Influence of Price and Quality of Service on Domestic Route Ticket Purchase Decisions at Soekarno – Hatta Airport Garuda Indonesia Airlines in the New Normal Era 2022

Putri Azzahra, Gabriel Tampubolon, Mohammad Zaini, Marline Iryatie


The goal of this study is to examine how the New Normal Era in 2022's purchasing decisions for domestic Garuda Indonesia airline routes are influenced by pricing and service quality. The participants in this study were Garuda Indonesia airline customers in 2022 during the New Normal Era. In order to conduct this study, up to 100 Garuda Indonesia passengers were handed questionnaires. Sample sizes were determined using the Slovin technique. The quantitative multiple linear regression approach used in this study was carried out using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) program. The data were evaluated using the t-test, F test, coefficient of determination test (R2), t-test, validity, reliability, normalcy, and multiple regression analysis. According to the findings, price and service quality have a positive and considerable influence on purchasing decisions. The fact that the price and service quality variables may explain 49.2% of the purchasing decision variables serves as evidence for this.


Price, Service Quality, Purchase Decision

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