Analysis of Shipment Handling, Tracking Systems, and Timeliness of the Performance of Gosend Services

Ahmad Ihsan Edward, Farhan Fadhillah, Mustikasari Mustikasari, Sulistya Pribadi


This study aims to determine the effect of Handling Goods, Tracking Systems, and Timeliness on the Performance of Gosend services. This study used quantitative methods with a total sample of 163 respondents and the sampling technique used probability sampling. The results from the table in the discussion and results section show four different IBM SPSS analyses, from reliability, validity, and hypothesis analysis using the F-Test and T-Test. The four tests support the hypothesis that the Shipment Handling (X1) and Tracking System (X2) and Accuracy variables Time (X3) have a significantly positive effect on the Gosend Performance variable (Y). Although economic inflation has had a severe impact in Indonesia. Many people have lost their jobs, their wages have been cut, and their ability to buy goods and services has decreased due to rising prices. Gojek continues to excel in running one of its business areas (Gosend).


Handling Posts, Tracking System, Timeliness, Performance, Gosend Service

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