Sita Aniisah Sholihah, Iqbal Firmansyah, Dinar Dewi Kania, Chairunisa Tiara Hanalia


This study aims to minimize processes that have waste and find out processes that do not add so that it is necessary to make changes to the flow of the import cargo handling process at the Cargo Service Center of PT.A. The method used in this research is the Value Stream Mapping (VSM) method by mapping the actual process according to the actual conditions in a company that performs a constraint analysis to determine the benchmark of the problem using seven waste. To make suggestions, improvements need to analyze streamlining in order to determine the type of improvement that will be carried out in the future from the results of streamlining, then determine the process that needs to be done is the breakdown process and delivery to the recipient. So that the proposed improvement design will be changed by inputting an integrated system in order to minimize time wastage and be able to change the cargo handling flow to be more optimal and able to survive in the long term so that this can have an impact on the related company. Combining the Value Stream Mapping (VSM) method with the Streamlining method in order to find out the optimal import cargo handling process in carrying out repair designs by describing a future state map that results in a more optimal process flow starting from 56.29 minutes to 34 minutes after repairs are made.



Import Cargo, Value Stream Mapping, Seven Waste, Improvement, Streamlining

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