Nissa Nuralfi Azizah, Agus Nugroho, Haniva Mulyani


The train is one of the land transportation that is in great demand by the public, starting from March 25, 2022 PT KAI operates the Cikuray Train with the Pasarsenen - Garut route via the southern Java route (Via Bandung) with the hope that the operation of the Cikuray train can reduce congestion levels. on the road, reduce the use of private vehicles, and provide efficient and affordable transportation solutions.With the operation of the Cikuray train, of course, proper scheduling is needed in order to optimize train travel. However, this train scheduling system is not an easy problem to solve, because there are many aspects that must be considered. To determine the performance of the Cikuray Train journey, this study discusses the calculation of realistic travel time, using the gap analysis method. The data used are primary data obtained through field surveys by following the Cikuray train journey and secondary data obtained from the Ministry of Transportation, Directorate of Traffic and Transportation. Based on the analysis and calculation of the data that has been done, it can be concluded that the actual travel time of the Cikuray Train majoring in PSE-GRT experiences a fairly high gap with the scheduled or programmed travel time. In this case, the aspect that was found was not the problem of delay, but rather that the Cikuray Train arrived 15 – 30 early at Garut Station. So, the suggestion from this research is about the adjustment of travel time.


Travel performance,Cikuray Train,Travel time.

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