Istiqomah Fitriyanti, Vania Zahra Fadhilah Putri, Charles An, Sarra Husnul Khotimah


Garuda Indonesia is one of the national airlines based on the Full-Service Airline model that has a significant reputation and brand in the domestic and international markets. In order to operate, Garuda Indonesia’s aircraft with a turbine engine type requires a fuel called Aviation Turbine (Avtur). With the increase in world crude oil prices, the price of avtur soared and of course, this had a significant impact on the operational costs of Garuda Indonesia. Given these conditions, Garuda Indonesia must immediately make mitigation efforts so that the purpose of the research is to examine Garuda Indonesia's method for surviving the increased avtur prices. This is qualitative and exploratory descriptive using SWOT analysis to process data. Based on the SWOT results, the strategies that can be applied are developing Garuda Indonesia’s products in the cargo sector to maintain the brand, increasing flight hours that are not included in peak hours while still providing excellent service to increase market share, optimizing available human resources according to the amount of production, increasing socialization regarding aviation safety, especially on strict health protocols applied, and strengthening the company's internal in the development of innovation and product marketing.


Avtur, Fuel Price, Airline, Strategy, Service

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