The Impact Of Transportation In Tanjung Kiluan (Lampung) Area To Create The Adequate Facilities In Tanjung Kiluan Local Areas

Mikail Arasy, Fauzan Ahmad Fisabillillah, Veronica Parhusip, Iqbal Firdaus, Ali Sumara El Khomeiny


Tanjung Kiluan is an area located in Bumi Sari Natar, Tanggamus Regency, Lampung Province with its famous marine potential. The potential in Tanjung Kiluan is not supported by the existing supporting factors such as; public transportation, street lighting, gas stations, and access to Tanjung Kiluan. Access to the roads that will be passed by visitors is quite difficult, approximately 7 kilometers before reaching Tanjung Kiluan. In addition to roads that are difficult to get by immigrants, public transportation is still very difficult to find. The standardization for tourism areas requires public transportation to help visitors to get to their destination. The public transportation also needs public facilities such as; bus stops, gas stations, and also road signs. This research will give the benefit in increase the selling value of in Tanjung Kiluan area which supported by adequate facilities and transportation, so that domestic and international tourists can take advantage of all facilities and enjoy the natural beauty in Tanjung Kiluan, Lampung.


Transportation; Access; Infrastructure; Facilities; Advantage.

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