A Decision-Making Model for Locating The Place of Refuge for Distressed Ship: A Case of East Malaysia

Zubair R.A., Salleh N.H.M


Maritime transportation has become an important industry in enabling a global economy. This industry faces a tremendous development in the previous year’s ranging from an integrated management to an advanced technological system. With the increasing number of vessels which indirectly result in many accidents, the role of Place of Refuge (PoR) is nowadays reappearing to be important as a place of shelter whereby the vessel in need of assistance can recover from damages or loss of property at sea. In East Malaysia, up to now there is no single PoR for distressed vessel which raised a concern among shipping operators. Concerning this critical issue, this paper proposes a PoR should be developed in Malaysia by focusing on Sabah & Sarawak states (East Malaysia). As a result, the primary of this paper is to develop a mathematical decision-making model for locating the PoR in East Malaysia. Firstly, the necessity of PoR in East Malaysia will be investigated. Secondly, the critical factors for locating the PoR in East Malaysia will be identified. Finally, three potential location will be assessed prior to selecting the best location among them. In order to achieve this aim, two mathematical methods will be employed which are Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Evidential Reasoning (ER). It is expected that this study is capable of assisting maritime government agencies such as Ministry of Transporation (MOT), Marine Deparment and other related agencies on developing the PoR in Malaysia.


Decision-making model, Place of Refuge (PoR), maritime transportation, Analytical Hierarchichal Process (AHP), Evidential Reasoning (ER)

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.25292/atlr.v1i1.66


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