Fleet Analysis for Route Jakarta - Jeddah for Umrah Flights Based on Total Operating Costs

Prabowo Dimas, Rizqon Tafsir, Charles AN, Sulistiyono Antonius, Soma Ariyaka


Fleet planning is the strategy that should be applied by the airlines in order to compete with other industry by deciding the correct aircraft to make the operating costs more efficient and effective. Operating Costs itself are divided into two parts, Directs operating costs and Indirect operating costs in which direct operating costs are costs directly related to the operation of the aircraft while Indirect operating costs are costs unrelated to the operation of the aircraft, for example staff salary. In this journal, the writers compared how much Total operating costs per seat between Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus 330-300 for Jakarta-Jeddah route. The writer chose the aircraft because most of Airlines companies use that wide body Aircraft for Jakarta-Jeddah flights. For Jakarta-Jeddah route, Airbus 330-300 is more effective and efficient to use because it has less total operating costs than Boeing 777-300. It's even more profitable if the Airlines maximize the utilization from 350 hours/ month into 400 hours/ month. Based on the result, Airbus 330-300 is the correct suitable fleet to use in Jakarta-Jeddah route.


Fleet Planning; Aircraft type; Effective and Efficient; Operating Costs; Utilization

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.25292/atlr.v1i1.92


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