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Advances in Transportation and Logistics Research

As SCM and logistics are very dynamic fields, players in the field are constantly confronting with new operational issues and questions. Logistics is a process which interfaces and interacts with the entire company and with external companies, vendors, customers, carriers and more. Logistics is responsible for the movement of products from your vendors right through to the delivery at your customer’s door, including moves through manufacturing facilities, warehouses, third-parties, such as repackagers or distributors. It is not shipping and receiving, nor is it traffic or warehousing. It is more.

A large number of logistics startups were mentioned as potential disruptors in the areas of freight rates quoting, crowd shipping, end-to-end shipping, Fleet Management and data analytics. One category of disruptor — let’s call it “local network builders” — bucks the conventional model of centralized warehousing and expansive transportation networks for a distributed, localized structure that exploits the benefits of speed and dynamic flexibility at a competitive cost.

The movement of goods and services starts from farm to consumer reviewed to be critically vulnerable to the hazards of food safety contamination and cross-contamination with non-Halal materials or products. Application of syariah principles to the entire supply chain from sourcing, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, ports, freight handling right up to consumer consumption. Involves religious belief that cannot be compromised at any stage and consumers are highly demanding in terms of quality and assurance when it comes to halal products. Here are the key areas of Halal Logistics :

  • Halal logistics hub : Dedicated storage / warehousing in assiting distribution from manufacturer to global customer.
  • Halal logistics Transport : Dedicated liner / transport for halal products to avoid cross contamination during transportation.
  • Halal logistics route : Dedicated route in linking supplier to the customer for faster trunaround
  • Halal logistics Management : Supervise all aspects of halal supply chain of manufacturer or distributor and act as solution & information service provider.

Our mission is to facilitate the exchange of the ideas and contribute to the improved understanding and practice of Logistics and SCM by creating a creative environment which attracts researchers, practitioners, and industry thinkers from all around the world who are involved in studying and disseminating of logistics and SCM issues.

GROSTLog 2018 will be hosted by Trisakti Institute of Transportation and Logictics, Jakarta. In cooperation with Malaysia Insitute of Transport (MITRANS), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam, INHA University, Korea., Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation, Malaysia., WuXi Institute of Technology, China., UniKL, Malaysia., Burapha University, Thailand., Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand, Hasselt University, Belgia., Far Eastern State Transport University, Russia., Korea University of Transportation, Korea.

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