Rifqi Irawan, Selfi Selfi, Reni Dian Oktaviani, Ratna Suminar


This research was conducted during COVID-19 pandemic, since people prefer to do online shopping to fulfill their basic needs. This is realistic considering going out of the house and shopping at the center of the crowd is quite risky. COVID- 19 has an impact on consumer behavior towards the intention to buy a product in order to meet their daily needs. The pandemic also influences consumer behavior sentiments in the purchase intention of a product. Research method used in this study was a quantitative method, and SPSS ver.20 application was used to analyze the data. Data was collected by distributing questionnaires to 300 Trisakti Institute of Transportation and Logistics students. The purpose of this study is to identify the influence of E-service quality and price on purchase intention in online purchasing application during COVID-19 pandemic. This research shows that E-Service Quality and Price partially and simultaneously have a significant positive effect on Purchase Intention.


COVID-19, E-Service Quality, Price, Purchase Intention, Online Purchasing

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