ATYAS SAFNAH SAVIRAH, KEVIN AGITSON, Reni Dian Octaviani, Ratna Suminar


In 2018 PT KA Pariwisata has launched one of the elite wagons which is well known with its complete facilities and services but yet the increase of the passangers is quite flashy. This study aims to identify passenger repurchase intentions with the impact of service quality and brand awareness. This research uses quantitative method with a sample of 100 objects. The object of this research were the users of Argo parahyangan priority services and the data was analyzed using SmartPLS 3.0. Data collection was conducted  by distributing questionnaires. The aim of this study is to prove that service quality could give impact on brand awareness and repurchase intention. Researcher also try to show that brand awareness is effective and give significant impact on repurchase intention, but its influence is not that significant.


Service Quality, Brand Awareness, Repurchase Intention

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