Niky Wahyuni, Sepmy Antika Valeria, Muhammad Iqbal Firdaus, Novi Indah Sushanti


This study aims at examining the decision model of consumer behavioral intention to travel during the new normal era. The Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) was applied as a framework for developing research model to measure the influence of variables such as attitude, subjective norm, and perceived behavior control on Intention and was s moderated by social media promotion. Google form as an electronic survey was used to collect the data of 180 respondents participating. The regression analysis was used to examine the relationship between independent and dependent variables.  Themoderated regression analysis was used to measure the interaction between social media promotion and the consumers’ attitude. The result shows that attitude, subjective norm, perceived behavior control have   positive relationship with intention.


Attitude, Subjective Norm, Perceived Behavioral Control, Intention, Social Media Promotion

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